Planning of the game

This Tournament is adjective for the boys 2008  and girls 2007


Organizator: FC SPARTA Brno U8 

Name: SPARTA BRNO cup, international football tournament for boys U8

Date : 18.6.-19.6.2016

Start of tournament: Official opening ceremony 2:30pm, first games in basic groups 3:00pm

The end of tournament: Final match is planned on 11:20am, final annunciation on 12am.

Place of tournament: Sport area FC Slovan Rosice (Exit from Highway D1 at Kyvalka exit 182 is 6km far from Rosice City) GPS: 49°11'7.149"N, 16°23'27.726"E

Entry fee: Amount 3.800,- Czech Crowns  is neccesary to pay cash before start of first match (payment in EUR available, according to actual Exchange rate of the present day )

Food and accomodation: for the trainers and players is accomodation available in the close area, 10 min far from the stadium for 300-350,-Czech Crowns /night  +  food is available in the restaurant direct on the stadium - halfboard 140,- (60,- breakfest, 80,- dinner, the launch is included in the entry fee). Various types of accomodation available on website , link ACCOMODATION.

Nr. of groups : 2 groups, each group includes 12 teams

Nr. of teams: 24

Team schedule :.4+1 - 10 players + 2 trainers (this number isn’t strictly required, depend on the trainer decision, how many players he wants to invite)

Referee: Football Asociation of Czech Republic


Teams on 6-24. place will receive the diploma, each player and trainer will receive a medal and the bag with candies and advertising items . There will be elected the best player from each team, who will receive a diploma and plaque.

Teams on will receive a cup, each player and trainer also medal, diploma, the bag with candies and advertising items. There will be elected the best player from each team, who will receive a diploma and plaque.

Moreover, the first team, will receive the a special touring cup - SPARTA Brno cup.

There will be elected:

  • Best player of the tournament
  • Best goalkeeper of the tournamnet
  • Best shooter of the tournament

These players will receive the diploma, medal and the gifts from sponsors.

Start in the tournament:  

   For the already registered  teams can play only the players with recommended age , who will be included in the rosters, which will be available before start of the tournament, presented by team leader.

Acreditation of the teams should be done at least on 9am by the organizator.

All neccesary condition for start:

    Roster of players, footbal namecards of players, payment confirmation.

Dressing room:

For all teams will be the dressing rooms with the showers available. According to the big amount of teams, there will be also more teams in one dressing room. The dressing rooms are dedicated for changing of dresses and the organizator doesn’t have to be responsible for the loss or damage of the put-off items.


    The players, members of teams and the visitors of this tournament, wont be provide with insurance. All of them will start on their own risk, or with their own insurance.


    Each team has to have at least on set of jerseys. In case of same color of both teams, the organizator will have the another indicated jerseys.


Fans:   Entry on football playground is for fans not alowed !!!