The rules

Laws of the Tournament


Number of players : 4+1

Ball size : Nr. 3

Referee: FACR (Football Asociation Of Czech Republic)

Substitution: the same like in the Eishockey,

The Points: Win 3 Points, Draw 1 Point, Defeat 0 Points, condition for the rank in the basic groups 1) Points, 2)mutual games, 3)more shooted goals, 4) score, 5) penalties

Football field: All matches will be played on the field 45x25m, the Goal 5x2m

Duration of the matches: in basic groups 1x16min, 3rd place and the final match 1x20min.

Regulations: The goalkeeper plays the ball by hand or by foot over the halfway line, only  while the ball is still in the game. The throw-in will be played by foot, but not over the halfline. This will be not apply, only when the ball will be still or touched on the own half.  If the ball will be played over the halfway line, then will the oponent play a indirect kick from the halfway line.

  • Throw-in is played by hands
  • The home ball is not alowed
  • The Corner kick will be played according to the laws
  • The distance of all oponents by indirect kick is 5 meter
  • The penalty kick will be played from distance of 8 meter
  • For very aggresive foul, or more precisely, for very rough play will be shown to the player a red card and he will be out of the match. The team will be completed to 5 with another player.
  •  To play challenge is alowed, but not too aggresive.